7 Funny 2016 Election Meme Reactions

Well, for the first time I’ve ever voted, this election was insanely eventful and shocking. So the majority of the nation is really shocked about Donald Trump’s victory. With all the media coverage and celebrity endorsements for Hillary Clinton, it made most people believe that she would win. Now I don’t care who you voted for and I am not going to get angry about Trump getting elected; this is not what this post is about. I tend to find humor in rough situations and I have seen many comments and memes in my news feed these past couple of days. Most posts I have seen are from us Millennials protesting Trump being elected, but every 20th post or so, I have found hilarious remarks about this 2016 election. Here are 7 posts that I saw on my own personal news feed that made me giggle a little bit in this chaotic time:

1. This is how the night started out for most people. I know this for a fact since I saw many of my friends’ Snapchat stories, plus I may or may not have looked exactly like the dude in this picture…



2. The majority of people’s mindset for this election was that they were going to vote for the “lesser of two evils” and quite bluntly, that both candidates are idiots. I found this photoshopped “Dumb and Dumber” poster absolutely hilarious.



3. I love this picture because I was watching this speech and couldn’t keep my eyes on Donald Trump because his son kept making funny faces. Obviously it was past the kid’s bedtime (it was like 3am!) and he had to stand up there, being broadcast to all of America, and probably most of the world. Instead of looking happy for his father’s win, he just kept blinking his eyes and yawning. Poor kid.



4. I still have yet to watch this show but I found this really funny. There’s also one that says “This isn’t what we meant by Orange Is the New Black” which I thought was really funny as well.



5. #enoughsaid



6. Nothing is more accurate. Even if Trump is who you voted for, I bet you’re still mad about the fact that he somehow became the Republican nominee so you were stuck with voting for him mostly because you just didn’t want Clinton. I know there’s a few of you full-on Trump supporters out there…I’m just speaking for the majority of people I know and the statuses that I have seen.



7. I love Ricky Gervais from “An Idiot Abroad” (if you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it on Netflix like right now) and he’s a rather humorous Brit. Leave it to him to write something so blunt yet so British. Gotta love him.


So those are the 7 posts I found on my news feed that I thought were rather funny. What memes have you seen from this election? Did I miss any good ones?

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