Contests, Contests and More Contests

I don’t know if I’m all of a sudden getting more emails about all these magical getaways to freaking Neverland you can “enter to win”, OR if I’m suddenly deciding to pay attention to all these contests now that I have the time to potentially frolic off into the sunset if I actually won. EITHER WAY, you have the time, you have the energy, but you don’t necessarily have the money to go off on your dream vacation when you’re in your early 20s. That’s when you start thinking about all the free stuff the world has to offer like:

-Random Instagram contests where you only have to like, post and hashtag to win. Ex. Blundstone USA’s “How I Roam” contest


-Contests on the radio where you have to be the 19731937th caller to win. Ex. K-Earth 101 currently is having people call in to be entered into a pool of people where 1 person will be chosen to be flown to DC and go to a Duran Duran concert


-Emails from random sites that you don’t remember subscribing to. Ex. So I guess I get emails from “Disney Interactive” and was told about a “Frozen Northern Lights Sweepstakes” where you go to Norway with Adventures by Disney


There’s so much more, but these are 3 examples of contests I’ve entered in the past WEEK alone. Call me pathetic, but you’ll be jealous when I’m riding reindeer in Norway and singing “Let it Go” at the top of my lungs. Or maybe you’ll see this and rush to enter into all these contests as well, hoping the deadline hasn’t passed yet.

I don’t get why these 3 things (time, money and energy) always have to be mutually exclusive, with no more than 2 of them able to occur at one time:

Scenario 1: You may have time and energy, but not the money (AKA you’re still young and don’t have a full-on career yet, but you don’t have any money to do anything)

Scenario 2: You may have time and money, but no energy (AKA you’re old AF and retired so you have all the time in the world, but even getting up to make a sandwich makes you tired)

Scenario 3: You may have energy and money, but no time (AKA all the years in between #1 and #2 which is, well, YOUR WHOLE LIFE)

You may have very-well guessed that I, along with the majority of people my age, are Scenario 1, which makes you think of ways to get money fast, get free stuff, or win something! Which brings me to the reason why I am entering into all these random contests in the first place. My mind changes every day, sometimes even multiple times a day, about what I want to do in life. There is literally not a single thing that will 100% without a doubt happen besides my imminent death (that got depressing fast), so I find myself constantly trying to make plans so that my future is not completely uncertain. Even if it’s just to go to Palm Springs one weekend, or San Diego the next, I’ve been constantly planning little weekend trips because it’s one thing that I can control at this time of my life. Entering contests, and the possibility of winning something, would just contribute to more set plans and make me freak out just a little less about the uncertainty of my future. Capiche? Capiche.

Alright, that got deep really fast. It’s officially election day, so enjoy, go vote ye citizens of America, and go relish the last few hours of our country being somewhat sane.

26 thoughts on “Contests, Contests and More Contests

  1. This was quite entertaining to read. If it’s any consolation, many less popular contests go unanswered, So If you keep signing up, you just might win something. That reminds me, later this month, I myself will be promoting a contest for a luxury watch. Hahaha! Wish you the best!

    Ola |

    1. Thank you! I try to be entertaining haha. Yeah, maybe I’ll start digging deeper for less popular contests. Ooo luxury watch..

  2. Oh my… this reminds me of me years ago… When I was substitute teaching right out of college, I listed to the radio and won SO SO many things. I took my husband (then fiance) to a GooGoo Dolls concert and many movie premiers… I won Playstation games, dinners out, a harbor cruise, Gas Station Gift cards and more… It was fabulous… Now I’m the one with “no time…”

    Good Luck winning!

    1. Wow you’re lucky! Maybe I’m just an unlucky person or entering into bigger contests, but I never seem to win anything haha. But that’s so amazing. Congrats on all that!

  3. This looks great! In my city they don’t do many thins like this occasionally they will give some movie tickets but that is it.

  4. Here they are not as many contests, and sometimes I take part but never send out the energy of expecting to win, whihc is maybe why I never win anything lol

    1. Yeah maybe I should try that…believe I’ll win then maybe it’ll happen eventually!

    1. Haha you’re not missing out on much since it’s so rare to win, but it’s always fun to enter!

  5. Contests are cool! I used to not even bother entering because that would mean a mailbox full of spam. But then I discovered giveaways and realized that all they require is a few mins of your time. So easy! But I can’t believe K-Earth is giving away Duran Duran tickets!! When I was a kid in L.A., K-Earth was the “oldies” station that played music from the 50s. Is this the same K-Earth? I must be old now 🙁

    1. Yeah, welcome to my mailbox… And it’s still an oldies station but now it’s “oldies” as in 70s and 80s music mostly.

  6. I am fortunate to have been traveling as often as I can this year especially to Europe but I too have noticed the many competitions on winning a getaway of sorts

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