Perks of Sleeping Until Noon

I’ve never been much of a morning person. Ever since I graduated high school and didn’t have to wake up at 6am every morning anymore, I would go out of my way to create a schedule every semester in college that would be mostly night classes or at least classes past noon. The vast majority of people I know attempted this as well, but it comes with consequences. I am now a full-blown “night owl” who on average, goes to bed around 3am and wakes up around noon (or even 1pm since graduating…#bumlife). I’ve tried to break the cycle but my brain is officially wired that way so I’ve accepted that sleeping in late is amazing and realized there are some noteworthy perks as well:

  1. You wake up to a crap ton of notifications on your phone

While everyone was waking up and going to work, it was still the “middle of the night” for you, so your phone is always blowing up by the time you have arisen. Makes you feel insanely popular.

  1. You’re already halfway through the day

Days can get boring and blur together as an unemployed college graduate. You find things to look forward to to make the days go by faster, so each day that has nothing specific planned is treated basically as work just to get through the day. Sleeping until noon means you are already halfway there! Woo!

  1. You can binge watch Netflix until 3am and still get a solid 9 hours of sleep

It’s recommended to get about 8 hours of sleep per night, right? Well, you can still watch your fair share of Netflix while also being able to get 1 hour OVER the recommended amount of sleep per night. Best of both worlds, eh?

  1. The sun is directly overhead so you can wake and ba….tan

No more cold mornings for you! You sleep right through it! You can wake up and head straight to the pool, lake, ocean, etc and get some instant color. Unless it’s not summer. Or if you live in a cold place. CALIFORNIA ALL THE WAY.

  1. You don’t have to wait to post that one insta pic

It’s the prime hour to post the Instagram picture you’ve been waiting to post so you can get the most likes. Everyone’s on their lunch break and seeing what they missed on social media while being busy adulting (or maybe I’m completely wrong…what do I know?)

  1. What better way to start the day with a nice big brunch

Brunch all day er’ day! You can eat whatever the hell you feel like and it’s acceptable because you can just say you’re “having brunch”.

It’s 1am and this blog post is interrupting my “re-watch How I Met Your Mother” time, so good night, enjoy and go prick your finger on a spinning wheel.

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