What to do for Halloween after College

  1. Pretend you’re a Freshman and reminisce the good ole’ days by crashing that one frat’s Halloween party: Zbterror, Phisylum, Heaven & Hell, etc…you get it
  2. Sit on a bench by a popular taco shop by your old university and watch and laugh at all the Freshmen who are blacked-out drunk and stumbling around half-naked (legit did this my Sophomore year and it really is entertaining….plus you meet a lot of friendly drunk people)
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch alone and glare at all the 4 year old’s who have no cares in the world. You just wait, 4 year old, you just wait…
  4. Tag along with your best friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s little brother as your excuse to go trick or treating
  5. Sit by your front door waiting for trick or treater’s all night and laugh at kid’s after you give them 1 raisin and shut the door in their face
  6. Get scared poopless at a haunted house. Extra points if you go to one where the actors can touch you. Highly recommended: “The 17th Door” in Tustin, CA
  7. Be the one who scares people poopless inside a haunted house. I’ve always thought about becoming one of the haunted house actor people
  8. Go to some overly priced club where literally everyone is dressed as Harley Quinn & The Joker. #basic
  9. Watch scary movies all day while continuously eating candy corn until you finish the whole bag. But for those who lay awake all night and have to sleep with their light on after watching scary movies, like myself, I’d go for Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown
  10. Pretend you have friends by joining an organized bar crawl
  11. Scheme ways to get people dressed as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump to start fighting
  12. Just accept the fact that 1. All the candy will be gone and in your tummy within a few days. 2. You will not share. 3. It’s going to taste damn delicious. And 4. You will stick to a diet after the candy is gone (but let’s be honest though…you probably won’t)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What will you be doing this Halloween?

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